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Any rules about how to set more than one members to take one role?

Hi Everyone, when we have more than one members will take one role, expect "focus", anyother things we need to think about and set in the team?

1. who need to join the meeting? who have to join the meeting? who has the right to decied it?

2. if this role has the domain, which member will make the decision? if all of the members whom take this role, then how this group can make the decision together? Governance process?

Thanks very much


Fiona from Shanghai

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Hi Fiona

1. By default, every core circle member is entitled to participate in governance meetings. You can change this for multi-filled roles: 

2.3.2 Exclusion for Multi-Filled Roles

If multiple Partners are assigned to the same Defined Role in a Circle, the Circle may enact a Policy that limits how many of them are Core Circle Members as a result of that Role assignment. However, the Policy must allow at least one of the Partners filling the Role to represent it as a Core Circle Member, and must specify how that representative will be determined.

2. All partners in a role that controls a domain can access that domain on their own authority. Just as any role in a circle which controls the domain can access that domain. There is no 'making the decision together' - each person gets to decide for themselves.


Hope that helps!


Best wishes, Andrew 


Hi Fiona, (how are you?)


To had on what AWO said:

1/ Depends on how many people are filling that role but if it only one or two, you may not need a policy and they are all invited to the meetings. The Lead Link may sense a tension and in this case, he/she will propose a policy in governance stating that there is only or X persons representing the role in tactical and governance meetings and the process to appoint these persons. If so, that/these persons will act as a Rep Link, as if the role was a sub-circle to process other's tensions.

2/ This is why the notion of focus is very important. A focus is “an area or context for that person to focus within while executing in the Role” (https://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art242). If your focus is clear, then you must not have any issue with the domain. If the domain only applies to one person filling that role, then it is the sign that there should be two separated roles. It would help if you could give more details about the role, the different focus and the domain.


Thank you.