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AMA: Perspectives From Zappos' Implementation

Yo, friends!

My name is Paul Walker. I helped implement Holacracy at Zappos and am now doing my own thing on the side (not a Holacracy provider, but general self-management concepts).

I often get a ton of questions, so I wanted to open up a formal "Ask Me Anything" to the community. I can't talk too much about how things work specifically at Zappos currently, but I can certainly talk about things I've learned, challenges I see everywhere and how to address them, how my implementation strategies have changed and the impact the difference makes, etc.

So, if you have any burning questions, ask away!

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Greg Hoehner

Hi Paul

Thanks for these thoughts. I fully appreciate that my broad question is best answered with a broad reply. What you say is sensible and very true. It jibes with my own view that there's no straight line to follow here (or anywhere else, for that matter). Making connections and crossing paths with others will open me to others, some of whom may have a need that I can help with.

I will certainly be in touch should I ever find myself doing holacracy work. Similarly, I've a lot of mgt/leadership/personal effectiveness stuff in my head as a result of designing and facilitating for years. Feel free to 'ask me anything' too - my main email is greg.hoehner@gmail.com