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Advisory Roles/ Circle & Delegating Lead Link's Role Assigning Accountability

Hi all,

We are dealing with a proposal that involves delegating LL's role assigning accountability ("Assigning Partners to the Circle’s Roles; monitoring the fit; offering feedback to enhance fit; and re-assigning Roles to other Partners when useful for enhancing fit") not just within a circle but across the organization. And I'd love to hear your recommendations on how to tackle it. 

The CEO (LL of Level-1 Circle, and LL of a Level-2 Circle) is proposing to create an Advisory Council Circle containing multiple Advisory Roles to Leverage the Advisor resource (retirees and senior executives) in every aspect of the business in order to receive value. 

Proposed location/ Advisory Council Circle: in one of Level-2 Circles where the CEO is the LL 

Purpose/ Advisory Council Circle: "Advising, supporting, and providing recommendations and mentoring to Lead Links across the enterprise"

Accountabilities/ Advisory Roles:

  • Advising Lead Links on any aspect of their circles and/or projects
  • Filling a vacant/new role on a temporary basis per terms negotiated between the Advisor and relevant Lead Link

Possible Projects: assessment of Lead Link Roles and the kinds of support they need


Currently, the org does not have a formal process to assess and monitor fit. They do performance review (which is outside of Holacracy practice).

I see many issues and red-flags with this proposal. It does not sound Holocratic to me although it is well-intended. 

Given the proposed circle to be a Level-3 circle, in order for the delegated LL's accountability to work across the org, Level-1 Circle must include something to its strategy and policy, isn't that correct? Otherwise, this new Sub-sub Circle and its Roles will not be able to carry out that accountability across the org.

Even if Level-1 Circle and Level-2 Circle each separately adds a policy stating that each circle delegates the above LL's accountability to Advisory Circle and its Roles, my understanding is that this policy will not allow Advisory Circle and its Roles to reach outside of its super-circle's boundary into other circles to energize this accountability. 

What if this proposed circle to be another Level-2 circle? 

What if Advisory Council Circle is not needed but simply Advisory Roles inside Level-1 Circle? 

What if we consider the Cross Link policy and Cross-Link roles? (I know Holacracy One is considering to not keep Cross Link practice in the future).

What would be the optimal way to go about it?

Many thanks,

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