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Advice Process Antithetical To Holacracy Round 2

So much like my original post about this earlier in the year I am seeking some feedback about new Governance that happened in our anchor circle - which I am no longer a circle member of. I stepped down as Facilitator in large part due to the bad governance still on the books re: inactive circles and the reluctance from others to deal with it and many other aspects of shadow power going on.

I see so much behavior that Brian warned about in the Coach Training in both extremes - passivity/denial of responsibility to controlling/interfering to socializing/pressuring and circumvention - just so much. I tried to get some understanding across - I have an 18 page report from that training and tried to implement small group and 1on1 sessions, but not much impact.

All this pushes/pushed my own buttons re: being long taken for granted and an under-resourced part of the infrastructure. I felt that the only way I could get others to wake up to the Holacracy-avoidance would be for me to become tyrannical and declare the (obvious to me) Process Breakdown over and over. I couldn't do that, didn't have the energy to do that, so stepped down.

I can hear Karilen and Brian in my head reminding that a good Facilitator/Coach keeps that detachment and objectivity - something that I'm very good at when I'm not personally charged - but my work burnout when combined with this shadow power... it has had me more anxious and stressed than even the presidential politics - and that's saying something.

We also had a reduction in force which has severely impacted my workload and I'm on the verge of collapsing my own circle now that 1/3 of the humans are gone and we've not formally met recently, and I have next year's training calendar and documents and so many projects behind and...  <sigh>

So yesterday, the "Advice Process" which responses to my earlier post confirmed is antithetical to Holacracy, got strengthened/expanded in the anchor circle. This in *DIRECT* opposition to my very strong warning against such during a team holacracy coaching session 2 weeks ago.

Please read this new governance and provide me with reaction and suggestion. 

Policy: Use of Advice Process

When policies or procedural changes materially affect Area operations or the operations of another Circle or Partner, Support Services personnel will use the advice process (https://mkpconnect.org/info/mk...apted-advice-process) except when it is judged more harm would be done if immediate action was not taken.

Since the referenced process is on a page inside our intranet, I've duplicated it on a viewable Google document HERE

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