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Administrative Concerns

Hi there, 


A client asked me the following question and I was unable to answer so I post it here:

Why we don't have a “Administrative Concerns” step in tactical meetings as we have in governance meetings?



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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Interesting... I've never asked this question myself or begin asked !

I think this one should be added to tactical meeting and nothing per the rules backed in constitution prevent from doing so.

So I would answer back to your client : it sounds like you sense something, and invite him/her to process it per governance to add an "Adm. Concerns" step to the tactical process using a policy.


You know the client You can answer to him (FL) directly today!

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Will do !

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Margaux,

Answers might be :

• This tension never surfaces previously, so nothing about that in the Holacracy constitution.
• Adm concerns step is mainly to check how long every circle member will be present during the meeting. So the facilitator is able to organize the way he/her will roll-out the agenda  to be sure that the proposer (at least...) is present when processing his/her tensions.
• As every tactical tension can be processed out of the Tac meeting, there's no need to check such Admin concerns in Tac Meeting process…
• And as Bernard-Marie suggested, if needed changes to the Tac process might be made through a policy