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Admin visibility of people with no roles

Is it possible as Admin in Glassfrog to see people that have no roles? Especially when using glassfrog premium in a larger organization it is hard to check especially who left. Simplest solution I can think of is to create a "memberlist" with all people with 0 roles. Or even better: automatically pay 0 fees for people with 0 roles. that also takes away the tension.

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Kallie Kendle

Koen,  I've put in a feature request for Admins to be able to view folks with no roles and sent it through our feedback channels where it will be processed by our visioning roles.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Jeff Kreh

Although it may be a practical matter (especially for organizations in transition), is it constitutionally valid to have people without roles?

Pieter Wijkstra

[@mention:477139080146610445] Must be valid: in order to be assigned a Role, you must be a Partner...

Xavier Boëmare

+1 for having a way to identify partners in GF without any roles

Bernard Marie Chiquet

+1 for iGi clients 

Kallie Kendle

[@mention:491495232183315418] and [@mention:449833773917801859] I have added your +1 to the list for prioritization.  Thanks!