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adding projects by lead link!

Can the lead link add the project for some role or has to check with the person before adding it, if they think the project falls in their domain? 

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Jeff Kreh

Can't anyone request a project or next action from any time? 

Tom Mulder

Shammi, check art 4.1.2 (b). Like Jeff says, any Circle member can ask for a project or next action. As stated in the article the role filler has to accept it if it seems to be reasonable. So no authority for the LL to tell people that they have to do a project or a next action.

shammi nanda

[@mention:523162737680436711], thanks for your response. My question is also that If i need a project to be intiaited by a role, do i have to go and talk to them to request or can I just add it in their glassfrog and let them see it, and then inquire about it from me or I have to first clarify. In other words, on the glassfrog, can some one else add a project for another role or the person themselves have to add the projects in their role? 


Keith Jarvis

I am an administrator in our GlassFrog account, but I *believe* that most users cannot create a project for other roles, unless they are acting as @Secretary during a Tactical Meeting.

So if that's true, the 'talk to them' part would be functionally required in order to get it into GlassFrog. OR I can bring it up during Tactical at which time it will be captured - whether the person who energizes the role in question is present or not.

shammi nanda

Hi [@mention:454478741268114544], Thanks for your words. I get it that if the glass frog doesnot allow it, except the tactical meetings, then thats the place, makes sense to talk to people who we want to do a particular project. I got what I needed. :-)