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Posted in GlassFrogBy Joe • 09/13/2016

Adding Domains to General Circle

How do I go about adding domains to the General Company Circle in GlassFrog? Our company wants to create policy around specific domains rather than "all functions and activities within the circle."

I see that one option is to create a sub-circle, name it the new GCC and rename the current GCC to "anchor" or "board", but this would not accurately reflect the organizational structure.

Thanks for your help!

2 Replies
Bernard Marie Chiquet

If your GCC is the Anchor Circle, you may not add Domains at this point to the GCC on GlassFrog. We have the same issue with one of our clients, and we add a Super-Circle for allowing such data being incorporated.

Björn Rabethge

Hi there,

adding domains to the anchor circle would contradict the fact that the anchor circle by definition (and constitutions) holds ALL the assets and domains of the organization. You cannot give or take them from the broadest circle.

I would rather recommend to use a good naming schema for your policies to account for the domains they inflict.