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Adding accountability to lead link role.

Can a circle add domain or accountability to its lead link role, apart from what is already there for them like the strategising and assigning roles. Or just because some one is not there the lead link has the authority over unfilled roles, the circle can also add authorities or accountabilities to them? Referring to the section below. 


A Circle may add Accountabilities or Domains to its Elected Roles, as well as amend or remove those additions. However, a Circle may only add to its own Rep Link Role and not to a Rep Link Role appointed to the Circle by a Sub-Circle. Further, no Circle may amend or remove any Purpose, Domain, Accountabilities, or authorities granted to an Elected Role by this Constitution, nor remove an Elected Role entirely.

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Fritz von Allmen

I would say you can add domains, but adding accountabilities is restricted => check 2.2.3