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Adding a section to a meeting.

Hello Holacracy forum,

We wanted to add a section to our tactical meeting. Basically we want to add a section where we review our mission statement and what why we're in this business.  Pretty basic but just not sure how to officially add a section into one of the meetings.  


Any suggestions?

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Paul Walker

Hello, R08!

This can be very easily done by creating a Policy in your Circle's Governance. Something to the gist of the below might get you what you need:

"In the Circle's Tactical Meetings, an additional step is added after between the Check In Round and Checklist Review, which is called "Mission Statement Reflection". During this step, the Secretary reads the Circle's Purpose. The Facilitator then allows each participant in turn to share any thoughts relevant to the Purpose of the Circle."

I have no idea if this is exactly what you guys do, so you will probably need to change it up. All you have to do in the Policy is say what is added and how it works.

Hopefully that helps!


The amazing Paul Walker's suggestion is a good way to systemically solve the problem and scale it out to other circles. You can also add it as an issue to the agenda each time. This lacks the elegance of the system solution Paul suggested but gives you another path to solving that problem incrementally.

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi R08,

May be we could we do that another way..

As your circle has its own purpose, and as you have a metrics section in the Tac Meeting process, you could juste define relevant metrics wich mesure the progression of the circle toward its purpose... So the metric review will give you the picture you need.

If you need thougts about the way the circle may reach its purpose, as Paul suggests, a proper solution could be to set a strategy meeting, smartly designed for this specific topic.

Separating stategy space from tactical one will help the facilitator to maintain a high level of energy and the smart pace of the Tactical meeting.

Hope that helps,