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Accountabilities to "get approval"


Today during the simulation we've run into a situation where somebody during integration phase proposed to add an accountability to "create financial forecasts and get approval from Finance". The proposer and the objector agreed that it would resolve both original tension and objection. And then during the next objections round 3 more objections arisen because it was too controlling, and several partners felt they would be limited by that.

I think as a facilitator I could ask the very first objector if there is something they would like to expect from that role instead of "getting approval", but it was okay for the proposer and objector to go that way.

Another way to process that would be to continue integrating all the new objections and to finally come up with something else. I think it would take a lot of time to get through all these issues.

Are there maybe better ways of dealing with similar situations, that can get us there more quickly? Have anyone seen that happen in real governance meetings?

Another thought on that is when something like this happens, there are actually several Roles affected by the proposal on the table. So during the integration it makes sense to check in with all of them. But as I understand, that is not by the rules. How do people usually deal with such issues?

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