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Absentee Tactical Tensions

Folks - 

A few times now at Tactical meeting, we've had one of the partners ask another member to bring a Tension for them.  The requests, oddly enough, have been for input/advice on a topic vs something very specific 'will @Administration lead please complete new task X?'.

Each time this has happened I believe that is has negatively affected the meeting and the team.

It puts the substitute-Tension-bring in an awkward position, makes it hard for the @Facilitator to guide towards outcome, and then requires the substitute to report back what input/advice was received.

Before I go getting overly prosaic again or sharing more opinion - can anyone provide opinion or data about this?  Is it problematic for others?

I cannot find it specifically precluded - it's only in Governance 'testing' of proposal or objection that I see anything about 'from my own role'...


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