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About Gov Meeting: only 1 reaction for each person? Facilitator participates as circle member? Some never raised any tensions?


I just finished facilitating a Governance meeting. It well very well in general – we were able to deal with 8 agenda items successfully in a bit over one hour. But at reflection I have these questions that I would like to have some advice on:

1. About reaction round, the Constitution was clear that “Once there are no further clarifying questions, each participant except the Proposer may share reactions to the Proposal, one person at a time. The Facilitator must immediately stop and disallow any out-of-turn comments, any attempts to engage others in a dialog or exchange of any sort, and any reactions to other reactions instead of to the Proposal.”

Now I interpret it as that each person has only one chance of reaction. What if someone wants to add sth to his/her reaction later? It is possible that this is a reaction to someone else’ reaction; it could also be that he/she simply forgot something at his chance. 

I believe that disregard of the reasons, I should stick to one reaction for each person to make this easier to follow; and allow every member to get used to this. Am I doing it right?

2. Do I as a facilitator also participate as a circle member to ask questions, give reactions, raise objections etc.? Now I participate quite randomly, when I see there’s sth. important for me to add, I participate; if not, I don’t. I feel that could be confusing to others (and also myself). I see that the facilitator does need to participate because I do hold other roles.  In fact I also raise tensions in the meeting. But if I do participate fully also as a circle member in every proposal, it becomes more difficult for me do focus on my facilitator job at the moment.  So, how should I participate at the meeting? 

3. We have been running Governance meetings for about 5 months now, so everyone is reasonably familiar with the process (though at different levels). But I notice that some members have never made any proposal. I am not sure of why. It’s possible that they just do not have any governance tension; but that is unlikely. So I suspect it’s more possible that they still do not feel comfortable raising governance tensions and giving proposals. Does this also happen to your circle? Should I do sth. to encourage them to raise tensions? If yes, how?

Thank you!


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