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A new performance management system

I am a university faculty. Yesterday I had a one-day executive education course.  One student is from GE.  He introduced the new performance management system at GE: PD@GE.  The system emphasizes the real-time feedback and flexibility.  It seems that the new performance management system fits Holacracy platform.  

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Lily Truong

Thanks for sharing. This is great. Is it exclusively GE or is it an app that others (from different companies) can download and use? What is your experience with it?

Mian Zhang

I did not have direct experience with the APP used in GE.  But the student I mentioned had a positive experience.

Holacracy is a great system.  Because Holacracy is an adaptive system and role structure is evolving,  GE's real-time feedback probably works better than traditional performance evaluation approaches.  


PD@GE is an APP designed by GE.  You could check the following to know the user interface. 


There are other similar performance management systems like Impraise.