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Welcome to the Holacracy "App" Store!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Holacracy governance "App" Store!
What do we mean by "app?" Well, a Holacracy “app” is a pre-packaged governance proposal to resolve a common organizational need.
Holacracy apps allow organizations to share governance proposals to address common organizational issues like talent management (e.g. hiring, firing, compensation), operations (e.g. strategic planning, supply-chain logistics, resource allocation), and organization design (e.g. new regional divisions, mergers and acquisitions, expansion). 
Please Note: "Apps" aren't actual software. We use the word "app" metaphorically. If you're looking for the cloud-based software tool Glassfrog, then click here
This section of the Community of Practice is reserved for sharing and discussing these proposals with each other. HolacracyOne obviously has a lot of these already, but the more we get from the Ecosystem at large, the better. 
Remember, Holacracy "apps" are only suggested governance proposals and may be modified before and/or during governance meetings. This "app" store will be driven by the community, so please post your own governance "apps" here!!
Please Note (#2): My general advice if you are interested in developing an "app" for anything -- start simple. Rather than worry about getting it "right," just start with something and allow it to evolve over time. And sometimes the easiest thing to propose is a new role with an accountability for, "Defining...[this thing that I'm trying to figure out]." 
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Here are a few that have been gathered.  Do we have more out there that could be put on this page?


Tyler Danke

A listing of everyone's glassfrog urls?