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3.3.1 Attendance

Hi everyone

At a recent GCC Governance Meeting, the Rep Link invited an additional person to process a tension. The Constitution was interpreted differently, which is why I would like to get help from the Holacracy Community of Practice.

The person invited by the Rep Link presented the proposal at the meeting. The Facilitator included the Rep Link at the reaction round and the objection round.

My interpretation:
In Section 3.3.1 is written:
In addition, the Lead Link and any Rep Links or Cross Links to the Circle may each invite up to one additional person, solely to aid the link in processing a specific Tension.

In my opinion, the Rep link can not participate in the reaction and objection round. Since it is a tension, which he carries as Rep link to the super-circle. In addition, I believe also that the invited person should not be included in further proposals at the meeting.

What is your Interpretation?

Thanks for your support!

Grüsse aus der Schweiz

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