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[@mention:476716727608952329] do you mean average statistics across multiple organizations?

I can share that we use Peakon/OfficeVibe at Labster.com to measure engagement in our Holacracy organization every week (100 people) and we are consistently measured higher that the industry averages. Peakon/OfficeVibe compares us to 100s of other companies in the same industry.

Examples of Holacracy relevant metrics:

  • Freedom of Opinion: Labster among top 5% in industry
  • Strategy: Labster among top 10% in industry
  • Autonomy: Top 10% in industry
  • Management Support: Top 10% in industry
  • Peer Relationships: Top 10% in industry


Even though we only represent one example of a Holacracy company, I hope this is still useful.