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I agree with Luca often people don't come into the organization able to interact in this way. I don't have a solution but a few ideas in addition to those proposed.

Make it contribution levels more transparent through metrics or checklists or another outlet if you have others.

Offer training, support, and feedback. We have a number of roles doing this kind of work.

It's easy to assume it's a motivation issue and it might be but don't overlook an ability issue around training to do the job, tools available, and structures to make it possible. 

Last I would say good role fit is important, my experience is if you invite people to show up as leaders in ways that contributes their talents they will provided they know how. 

Also just know for us if this happens it is often a partner's personal issues coming forward and the training, support, feedback roles do help those who want it with personal issues because it's often necessary to get to a place where a partner can bring their whole self.