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[@mention:573411116128485751] At H1 no one has had a tension about vacation or holiday time, so we haven't needed to clarify that specifically, but yeah I get it. 

The most helpful answer would require getting at the specifics of your situation, but generally speaking, my first instinct is always to make sure there's a defined role that cares about such things. Now, maybe you're in that role, so I can say more about it, but that's always the first stop. 

OK, assuming you're in that role, how should it be done? Well, I actually don't think it's that complicated, or maybe it's relative to the size of your organization and the complexity of the information that needs to be managed. Zappos for example developed their own tool to handle such things. 

In practice, everyone can appreciate the need to coordinate absences, so I think it's really more a technology-information-management-system question.