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And here is the coordinator role:

Team Member Engagement Coordinator

Purpose: Empowered and well-informed Engagement Ambassadors
Domains: Peakon 
  • Creating access and ensure security in the use of Peakon
  • Guiding responses/solutions to feedback in Peakon for constructive answers to team members e.g. encouraging direct action by Engagement Ambassadors of the corresponding (sub-)circle
  • Onboarding Engagement Ambassadors in all Sub Circles in Labster in the use of Team Member Engagement tool
  • Coordinating and help the Engagement Ambassadors to increase the happiness and engagement in each Circle
  • Promoting a culture of appreciation and engagement within the circle
  • Reading and staying updated on the location and Circle specific feedback and engagement scores.
  • Creating new policies within the scope of the Circle to heighten engagement.
  • Following up with the Circle on tensions sensed in the Circle to find solutions.