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We're dealing with this very thing at the moment. Holacracy doesn't itself speak about personal space quite deliberately, since the idea is to separate role from soul. Holacracy deals with role and leaves you to sort out soul.

What we've done recently is create a "Team Spirit Agreement," a document to which changes can be proposed through regular governance. This document lays out what we expect from each other as human beings - how much time to spend on site (important for us since we're a school), how and when to take your holiday time, and what your working hours should be. We don't enforce these. Rather our idea is that if there are problems we simply sit the person down, have a conversation about the TSA and that it sucks that they're taking advantage of it. That will probably be far more powerful than having a rulebook posted somewhere and someone accountable for chasing people up on their holiday time. That would be awful.

But it's an ongoing experiment! Not sure what'll happen when push comes to shove.