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[@mention:454478741268114544] so I hear two questions, one about the specifics of ranking tensions, and the second about how this may relate to interpreting the constitution in general. So, if I’m following, then my response to the first issue is “that’s sounds like a good way of doing it...and I wouldn’t want to bake that into the constitution for everyone, but that makes sense.” So, you could either make that a part of your decision when doing facilitator elections, or if you wanted it more formal you could propose a policy to require that. 

And that leads to response two, because I think this is an important point, that constitution needs to apply everywhere to everyone. It then defines the governance process, which can then be used to further define any specifics for your organization. So, to me, this doesn’t seem like a constitutional interpretation issue. 

What comes to mind is actually the whole “rules/authority versus good judgment,” which kinda explains why the constitution intentionally ignores specifying some things. I’ll have to link it below because I’m on my phone.