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By Daesun Topic posted 02/26/2019


Hey Daesun! I'll give you a pragmatic rather than constitution-scientific answer:

3.2.2 "Criteria for Valid Proposals" says: "a Proposal is always valid (...) if it is made solely to help evolve the Circle’s Governance to more clearly reflect activity that is already happening" (emphasis mine)

So one pragmatic way to "create Roles" from scratch is to simply do the job that one wants to see happening, and then come up with a Proposal _that captures the already happening action_. 

This saves you all the trouble of analysing wether or not the Proposal benefits one of the proposers Roles or not.

This may be a little bit ugly, but it does encourage _action_ (do a thing that one feels needs doing; Holacracy/Governance/Stabilizing comes afterwards) over theorizing ("I think we should have this Role"), so I like it. :-) 

What do you think?