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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

Thanks again Rachel

I think I'm starting to get it though not without a struggle! ;-) I was sitting in a couple of meetings yesterday and one thing I think I realised was how different a place I am coming from compared with the rest of the team. I mean in the sense of the difference between being a company founder (lets not even concern ourselves with ex CEO etc) and being a team member or employee. They have a whole bunch of concerns they are wrestling with which are very different to those that I have wrestled with in the last 20 years. Many of these concerns in both cases may simply be internal struggles i.e. not necessarily based on what is actually happening. Unfortunately that doesn't necessarily make them any less impactful!

The fact of having adopted Holacracy does not erase this difference. In fact if anything the new levels of transparency and distributed leadership make it more obvious rather than less. Before I was potentially living in a world which didn't exist i.e. my idea of how we were all seeing the shared project. Now I'm living in a world which feels at least a little closer to reality. I have no idea how this will change over the medium to longer term. We've been experimenting with Holacracy for nearly a year and thinking about it for much longer but we only moved to full adoption in November so it's still very early days.

Changes are already afoot including what happened in yesterday's meetings! The rough plan at the moment is that I will hold a role with a domain over a document which may become a manifesto. This will contain a set of our broad values and approaches to what we are doing.

The real practical work will take place in another circle called 'Culture & Life' with the purpose of "A supportive, empathetic, and healthy campus" That circle has a domain over a document they are calling "Good Sportsmanship Guide" which is about day to day behaviours e.g. holidays, working hours etc. Although this will have some sort of policy link to the manifesto document when it comes into existence the decisions about practical implications and agreements now feel very much more shared. All the team members involved in this decision seemed super happy about it. This was one of the moments where I realised the different places we were coming from because it didn't hold so much personal significance for me but I could see it was super important for them. So be it. :-)

As you have suggested there is another accompanying policy which concerns changes to this 'Good Sportsmanship Guide' which can only happen via a governance process.