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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

Thanks for clarifying your situation. That is kind of what I thought and I certainly see what you are talking about.
I also kind of get why people are resisting. I think that while a statement of values document may be helpful, there is a certain amount of trust in our people that we need to have. I think that you can hire nice people and give them a purpose, goals, guidelines, and a company culture that supports being sincerely kind and welcoming. But, you really can't force people to be sincere and they know it.  Especially if this seems to be coming from the top down, I can see how that approach might feel way over controlling to partners even if they personally agree with the concept.

Maybe you could suggest an integrated process for drafting a statement of values. They will almost certainly be similar to what you have in mind, and perhaps even better with the input of the entire staff. And you will get more buy in that way, right?