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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

DavidLP, I agree that team members need alignment and I do think that a discussion of values has... well ...value.  Lol.
I was simply trying to be clear about how you were defining the term. I'm still not 100% sure I understand your definition, although I think I have a pretty good idea from context. 

I just reviewed our company's statement of purpose to see if it includes anything that might be considered values. I was kind of surprised to see that it doesn't actually articulate any value statements.  However, I feel that it does indicate a certain mind set that implies (what I call) values, like compassion, encouragement, and self improvement.

When we were the heads of our companies, we had direct control over all decisions and those naturally reflected our values. As we relinquish authority to partners, it becomes more important for those values to be clearly delineated and accepted by all partners, as you have pointed out. 
And I do think that, as you said, a lot of that is managed in the hiring process and the resulting company culture reinforces those same values. I can certainly see a benefit to having a company Statement of Values or something like it. 

It also occurs to me that the Holacracy system itself implies and enforces certain values, like fairness, mutual respect, personal dignity, accountability, personal growth, team work, efficiency, and purposefulness. 

Can you give some examples of  values that you want your company to reflect?  Also, I'm curious to know what kind of resistance you have encountered and why you think that is?

This is worth talking about. I'm eager to see your reply.