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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

As a founder of a company it seems likely that at least some of your values (which may or may not include moral principles) are likely to infect the company that you setup, particularly if the company has a purpose over and above financial success.

If your organisation is reasonably healthy I think it is also likely that those values then become enrichened by input from others as the organisation grows.

Somehow it seems to me that for it to remain an organisation rather than a disparate group of people there needs to be some sort of alignment on those values. It also seems to me that the overriding purpose of the organisation needs to have a context of values to make sense of it's purpose.

Finally as founder, it doesn't seem unreasonable to have a role which at least co-ordinates the input from across the team into an aligned set of values which we use to provide context to our purpose. 

This is not at all about dictating personal values to team members. It is about creating alignment with a set of values that the organisation is standing up for in the world.

HolacracyOne's wonderful purpose i.e. Evolve humanity's relationship to power could mean very different things depending on the values underlying that purpose. I guess Nietzsche would have had a rather different idea about what that might mean compared with Brian or Chris