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In yesterdays GCC Governance we integrated a new Earnings Plan policy based on the Encode.org model. The tension came from the fact that we see each other like Partners (and 2 years ago we replaced the eight-page employee contract for an one-page Partner contract) and yet we saw 'fix benefits' as part of the cost center of the Company. Also the time-for-money mechanisme was still our reality. Unfortunately, because after 2,5 year of Holacracy development it was clear that we needed a model that respects equality of People AND appreciate that we are not the same in what we bring to the org. 

Hence we created a model based on a 1)Base Grant, 2)Purpose contribution level (optimiser/builder/distiller) and 3)ten different skill sets that are crucial for our org development and/or have a market scarcity (each skill set having a contribution, competency & mastery level). The model appreciate Partners to bring all they have and develop themselves and the org in the aspects where they are passioned about. Strictly saying it appreciates Governance over Tactical, not because operational is less important (it's our profit here & now), but because organisational development needs consciously spending time on evaluation/reflection. I like to use the example of the woodcutter who reserves time to sharpen his ax. That might just be a good idea for productivity and satisfaction. It wouldn't surprise you that Holacracy and GTD are two of the skill sets in our Earnings Plan.

The Base Grant is 2.000,-. PCO 2.000/3.000/4.000,-. Skill Sets go from 0,- (contribution level that is expected from every Partner like GTD/Holacracy) up to 2.000,- (certain Mastery levels) each. All in Euro's.

I am also honest to say: I wouldn't dare to implement such model in every of the organisations I know. Above everything it needs a clear Purpose and Purpose alignment with the Partners. It also needs clear policies like Leave package, Hiring, Firing, etc. 

Up to the next tension: this whole subject should not be part of the organisational context of the org. Time for a People- and Legal context!