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Reply to Experience in Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/01/2019

[@mention:577633875651499938] Good topic. 

As a former manager I realised that it is often an ilusion that my expertise and experience is valid for all the cases coming. It may be for some time, but not for all times. And that it is where Holacracy comes in, and help to adapt to always chaning enviroment.

It may be true in your case, that it make sense to get an opinion of a senior person with expertise and experience. If you care about it, then there are a lot of you can do, Holacracy is not limiting you, it gives you explicit pathways. And even though you do not control/manage a role filler, you can cast a lot of influence on him and change governance to address your tension and move company one step forward.

Tactical approach:
- share info on tactical meeting,
- request info about the project and its reasoning,
- ask what is relative priority of this project to other projects, why, 
- meet person and give more info,
- ask a lead link to prioritize for that role.

- propose a domain and a policy conected to that matter (policies can be complex and itroduce a system for decision making, e.g. for hiring and firing partners),
- propose to make accountabilities of a role to be more clear,
- propose disbanding a role to one or more new clearer roles.

Hope it helps and would like to hear back from you about approach you took and consequences.