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By davidlp Topic posted 02/01/2019

Staying in the meeting structure, the former manager might decide to put the same item on the agenda for himself.

Then just share information (not tell the role-filler not to do something) on the subject so the role-filler can make up his or her mind on if they still want to move ahead. They can still decide to move ahead as they have the distributed authority and seem to have the accountabilities in their role.

The person that acts as facilitator can help, by keeping the energy in the sharing of information in that exact position. If the information is clearly moving towards the former manager acting as a manager (i.e. telling the role filler that they are not supposed to do something) then ask the secretary to show the role of the initial role-filler. If there is nothing about not being able to do something unless... make clear that the role filler can do with the information whatever he or she wants to do. Towards the former manager you can even clarify that it seems like he is sensing a tension that he might want to take to governance.