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1. I would choose to have board as an anchor circle. Or do not do anything, since there are usualy local goverment laws, that can solve this, e.g. shareholdelrs appoint managing director.

2. I think that there is no need to amend. Policies as defined in the constitution §1.4 made in an anchor circle apply to a whole organization, so they are core policies in a sense.
And "core policy" of all is actualy the constitution or some other documents needed to officialy estabilish company e.g. https://www.holacracy.org/wp-c...ent-v16-redacted.pdf

(https://medium.com/@chrcowan/a-holacracy-bootstrap-guide-9558d5896c34 second section; https://blog.holacracy.org/a-h...ructure-cc4dddad3c1c )

so IMO, ratifiers has enough options to cast their influence on their organization.