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[@mention:590725801077679128] For-profit Holacracy company is not different in that matter. Profit is an expresion of a successful serving to the customers outside of the company in the enviroment/market in which company operates. Profit is a must-have.

As shareholders are stakeholders, as such its a role which has its own expectations on a company, that said it could be and usualy is return on investment. I find it totaly ok to make that expectation explicit to the general company circle, so that it can align to it as to other expectations e.g. social responsibility.

If you have any more specific question, would be glad to discuss it further.

P.S.: I am a shareholder and a "regular" partner of our org. filling lots of roles. If org. will not fulfill my expectations on ROI, I might consider withdrawing my capital out of it, but still staying as a regular partner. I fill about it as an old way of thinking, and would like to transition some time to model of all partner = shareholders = profit is what you get for your work, I think H1 has model like this and Encode.