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Reply to Holacracy and profit?

By Andy Brandt Topic posted 01/08/2019

One of the things I like about Teal organizations including Holacratic ones is that they can focus on the good of all their stakeholders (including monetary gain for the benefit of all stakeholders). So instead of just investors/shareholders, this includes employees, partners, volunteers, clients, suppliers, communities, and sometimes even their competition. Some Teal organizations have gotten SO financially abundant that they felt like they could train their competitors to be more Teal and it would only make more of all the abundance, instead of put their organization in any sort of compromised position. They taught their competition  how to follow the same principles as their own Teal practices and that felt like they were just getting even more of their own organization's purpose accomplished in the world. That is abundance! An example is Buurtzorg, a Teal nursing organization, (pg 114-115 of Laloux's illustrated 2016 version of Reinventing Organizations) whose CEO trained 2 of their competitors about their Teal practices for free. I think we should all aspire to be that financially abundant that we can help all our stakeholders. If we can reach ultra abundance, we could even choose to help our competitors help promote our Teal/Holacratic Purpose in the world. I believe part of that recipe for the future will be moving toward being more like worker-owned cooperatives, except using Holacracy instead of Democracy, in LLC legal structures. Worker-owner-partners want their whole organization to thrive more and benefit more, including monetarily, including investment back into the organization and its people.