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Leandro posted:


After last week's Practitioners Training, some of us expressed the intention to gather from time to time and share experiences.

If you have the intention of participating, please post here or contact me at leandroqm AT gmail.com.

-- We will use English during the meetings!

If we grow and there is enough interest, I could host some meetings here in Haarlem (10m from Amsterdam CS by Train).

If you have another place in mind, feel free to suggest it.

One thing that we will definitely make use of is an online meeting system so people can participate online as well.
We can use Zoom (http://zoom.us) to create virtual rooms of up to 100 participants, so you do not need to be in the Netherlands to participate.

I hope to see you soon so we can catch up!

With kind regards,

Great initiative Leandro! 

I would like to participate (I have filled the Google Form).  I am in Mexico, and would like to participate for a while to maybe do something similar in Spanish. 

Happy New Year!