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Hello everyone!
We had a lovely brainstorm on friday.
Here is the video recording:

And here is the meeting notes / decisions:

Brainstorming Session - Meeting notes


  • The meetings will be facilitated
  • On the first meeting we will:
    • try to Discover our Purpose
    • set up the initial structure on GlassFrog
  • Format
    • Online meetings are a certainty (will always happen)
    • Physical meetings are "very likely" to happen frequently too
  • About the possibility of a Physical meeting in our first encounter, it depends
    • on the confirmation for a place to hold the first and/or multiple meetings
    • a system to manage attendees
  • Physical meetings would have to
    • Be sponsored, or
    • Ask for small contribution of each participant (around € 5, for food and beverages), or
    • Use the "bring your own food/drink" style


  • Suggest to members to invite newbies to the group as their questions are very useful


  • Subjects for the first meeting:
    • Facilitating meetings when you are filling multiple roles in the Circle
    • Gather more information about people's needs in terms of Holacracy to approach them in the meetings
    • Discussion: how to deal with 'normal company's problems and issues' within a Holocratic company
      • Investors
      • Compensation
      • Work Council
      • Board
      • others
  • Structure for the Chapter/Community
    • We use the community forums of Holacracy (you are in it!)
    • We use Slack/Microsoft Teams (see link below for experimental Slack space)
    • We use GlassFrog (See link below for org in GlassFrog)


The First (real) Event will happen in a day still to be chosen between Jan-28 and Feb-10.

We still do not know if the event will be online only or if we will meet in person as well - I will keep you posted on Slack and here.

Slack link: https://join.slack.com/t/holac...kMWE4YzgzZjBhYjZhYjQ

GlassFrog link: https://app.glassfrog.com/organizations/16074

I still have to add all of you so GF, so please provide the desired email for registration via Slack. :-)

Let me know what you think of our progress and please pitch your ideas here so everyone can read and contribute.

With kind regards,