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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

Thanks for your thoughts Rachel - I'm using the term 'values' very loosely i.e. it could range from broad values similar to those you mention through to specifics about how we approach education and learning. 

A simple day to day practical example would be the importance of making people feel welcome. That sounds almost anodyne it's so obvious doesn't it!?

However I don't mean the kind of plastic or professional welcome that is really about ensuring people become clients and pay us money! I mean that everyone we encounter as an organisation no matter what their relationship is to us e.g. the postman dropping off a package, should walk away having felt a sense of that welcome in a way which brightens their day.

Although the practice of this type of value is very down to earth and found in every day practical actions/behaviours or ways of being I think it's impact can be profound and the values lying behind those actions are super important.

Given that I haven't yet produced any sort of values document in relation to this role the resistance within the team is about the concept of a role which might hold accountabilities or even a domain over the values of the organisation. I guess they're seeing it as a top down sort of thing i.e. I'm trying to be some sort of 'Values Police' for their individual values.

As I've said above, what I'm trying to do is see the organisation as an entity in it's own right which is something separate to the individuals that work within that organisation. That entity has it's own values and they need some care and attention!

In the end I am just trying to create some clarity!

I agree that the Holacracy system implies and at least tries to enforce a strong set of broad values towards others. But Holacracy only deals with our relationships within the organisation and only deals with a certain set of values.