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So far as I can see, it is of paramount importance that any founder or ex CEO becomes one of the de-facto experts in the use of Holacracy to ensure that they are able to contribute what they have to offer to the organisation and if they don't, especially in the early stages of adoption, there is a significant risk of 'mission drift' and/or the dilution of what they are able to offer.

Totally agreed David; except if they don't, I think the far more common result is them rejecting Holacracy to avoid mission drift or dilution of their contribution...

Malachi:  A good facilitator/coach definitely helps, but it isn't sufficient in my experience.  A typical CEO has far more expertise in the business than a typical facilitator/coach can figure out how to channel into Holacracy's pathways; so it's imperative the CEO learns how to do so themself, lest they effectively be constrained by the facilitator/coach's business expertise.  (On a side note, I think this is a key reason why I've seen the best facilitator/coach's are most often former CEO's or others with substantial business-building experience.) 

- Brian