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I've been solving this problem by including "people" type accountabilities within each role. It's similar to what Anne has done, but avoids the added bulk of including every partner in an additional role. It's also kind of a legacy of previous employment contracts, which included many of these things as hiring requirements.  It occurs to me that my approach could be unholacratic in that it blurs the line between roles and souls. 
While the old solution of including these types of requirements in hiring agreements is one way of solving it, that approach could make it harder to change the requirements later if there is a tension.
Including them in roles is much more flexible and also avoids having partners negotiate exceptions in their contracts which could end up seeming both unfair and not subject to remedy by tension.
I wonder if Anne's approach to create a new "person" type role for each partner is more holacratic or if it's okay to leave those personal-type accountabilities embedded within each role.