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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

Wait, it seems to me that this discussion is using at least two different definitions of the term "values."
At first I thought that the original poster's question about values referred the moral principles that they are personally guided by in their life and business. They seemed concerned that others in the organization did not necessarily agree with the Founder's core values. Or they did not want their values to be dictated by another person, which is understandable if we are talking about moral principles. This definition of values might include things like religious morals that could be critical to the Founders personal vision but that may or may not be shared by every partner. 

But then the discussion moved to talking about different values a business can provide to the customer. This is more in the sense of "value added" or a purchase being "a good value." This is much easier to discuss as a business proposition as it is customer driven and not based on personal moral principles. 

I'm sure that both kinds of values are important, but I wonder if there is some confusion about which kind of value can or should be dictated by the Founder or Lead Link.