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Reply to System Knowledge & Power

By davidlp Topic posted 02/22/2019

Thanks Brian

I wasn't really thinking about it from the personal power/personal goals point of view or at least not in the standard understanding of those words.

As the founder of an organisation with a strong purpose it seems pretty likely that you will have a strong drive to serve that purpose and hopefully quite a bit of experience and expertise to offer that purpose. Even if it has evolved in a more shared way since, the original purpose presumably comes from your inner most feelings about the world and your desired contribution to it.

So far as I can see, it is of paramount importance that any founder or ex CEO becomes one of the de-facto experts in the use of Holacracy to ensure that they are able to contribute what they have to offer to the organisation and if they don't, especially in the early stages of adoption, there is a significant risk of 'mission drift' and/or the dilution of what they are able to offer.

Of course in an ideal world I would hope that everyone across the organisation would master those same tools in order to magnify their contribution but in our relatively early stage of adoption my sense is that this may not be how things unfold. Some people are 'systems' people and some people just aren't. Although I think that even those people who don't become masters of Holacracy will still be able to offer more than they could in a conventional setup it is unlikely that they will have the same leverage as those who put time and energy into understanding this new framework of operation.

[@mention:449833773917801859] - thanks I've just seen your thoughts as I'm writing this. That all makes good sense.