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[@mention:456308404149183518] The question is what is the tension that require the role filler to ask for advice. If the role filler thinks it is wise (I often do that) to ask for advise from an expert role then no rule is holding them back. But the role filler is still free to make his own call and decision.

If you want to make it an obligation then there needs to be rule that restricts the authority of the role filler (you may take every action or decision to enact the purpose or accountabilities of your role unless there is a rule against it (e.g. domain or policy)). So then a proposal needs to be drafted for a Policy to create this restriction. A policy like: "If you create a technical requirement document then you need to ask for advice from role XYZ"

On your first question. What is defined in the requirements? You can also make an Accountability ….. on requirement and as defined in process X. In this process you can then add something on advice. But as it stated now there is no obligation for this. 

So Holacracy is not restricting anything but is just asking you to make it explicit. 

Hope this helps.