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After starting Holacracy we experienced such patterns (often from persons that where in line management before). We called it "bossing" and even had a wikipage to document such "unhealthy behaviour" and talk about it.

I think this is a vital point [@mention:590444325765688151] to have a good holacracy practice. Employees need to evolve! They need to stand up against such patterns and become brave (you need courage to tell the former CEO that you will not comply with his "request" just because he told you to do so).

On the other hand former line management needs to develop too. They were hired to lead people and tell them what to do. I think former line manager are extremly valuable because they often are skilled leaders, but they have to rethink their habits and lead different.

One more thought: I'm quite convinced that there are "domains" where selforganization does not work well. This might be cultural (not seeing a Japanese company successful with Holacracy since employees are soooo obedient to their line managers), businesses that attract primarely extrinsic motivated employees or people that just want to be guided (think of governmental "bureaucrats).

Great topic [@mention:590444325765688151], looking forward for other opinions / experiences in real life.