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shammi nanda posted:

want to understand what are the reasons for having focus? To solve Which tension is the idea of focus created? 

Is it just to define the time for some one to be in the role. Or is it sharing some part of the accountabilities that this person can take and a role's accountabilities are divided amongst two to three people by giving them a focus. If that is so, then is it not better to create a new role? Like to hear from those who find it useful and apply it in their practice. How does this help 

Cannot comment on the original tension that sparked the idea of focuses but I see them as a great way to perform vertical partitioning of accountabilities inside a role. Think of accountabilities as lines, and of focuses as columns that divide those lines. A role filler is expected to perform all the accountabilities each one having a certain breadth of scope to it, but you can then restrict that breadth by slicing it into specific domains (i.e. markets, clients) , geographies (i.e. branches, cities ...)  time slots (i.e. week days)  or conditions (i.e.” as backup” when main role filler is not available) and mark them as focuses.

I haven’t added much to the previous comments but sometimes a different perspective can help shape our personal understanding of a new concept.