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Reply to Holacracy and profit?

By Andy Brandt Topic posted 01/08/2019

Hello, [@mention:590725801077679128]!
I'm afraid that it is really difficult to explain Teal/Holacracy benefits to people who hadn't mature. On the Orange level (where main measure is money) need to speak on the same language, need to come down from the "Teal Sky". And maybe there will no proof that Holacratic approach improve KPIs, increase profits or make NPS better. If you or your shareholders want to adopt Holacracy just for profit and use this metric to track success, may be your time is not came yet. Possible you need another tools and practicies to pump up you level.

Maybe I wrong, but I realy facing similar issue and this my conclusions at the moment (I'm working at commercial bank with headcount above 15 000 employees).