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Reply to Combine meetings

By Max Topic posted 12/25/2018

Thank you, [@mention:582983104089905965] and [@mention:568484858377802720]! I strongly agree that meetings should not be mixed up and undersatnd the porpose of each of them, and difference between two processes.

I give an example. In our team we do SCRUM and already use four types of meetings - daily, sprint review, retrospective and planing. Daily and Review - its completely match with holacracy Tactical style. Planing similar, but still mostly stand alone. Then we tryed to start Retro in the Tactical format, but when we start focusing on how we can improve and began triage, we realised that there is 10% tactical outputs (projects, actions, requests) and 90% issues addressed to Governance (few ongoing expecteations and many policies). Here we came to understanding that our Retro had been to be started in Governance manner. We finished triaging, close Tactical and immediatley opened Governance. But it felt like wasting time when after almost each proposal, facilitator said "Sorry, keep it for Governance".

And adds oil to the fire fact that time for Retro is over and next Governance meeting will take a place not early than week later.