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Nice questions Fritz,

I will take them back to the team to discuss;

"Did anyone define what level of adoption should be targeted (maybe from the ratifiers)? Is there any budget allocated for improvements?"

We wanted full adoption but we never defined what that would look like (sigh).  We don't have a clarified budget per se but we have been able to pay people and make time/space to work on aspects of implementation.  For example, I could likely make the case for a budget for coaching if we felt that was necessary... but that would require a gap we wanted to close that we felt could be filled by coaches.  Without a roadmap to success or evaluation, I cannot make that case.  

"Should people (employees?) care about that level? Did they sign something were they declare to pursuit holacracy and its goals? Are there incentives to invest time into a good holacracy practice?"

Great questions.  The idea came from the team when we engaged them around org development.  They have not signed anything but we have had pretty good buy in.  I think the incentives are clarity in roles and in expectations (but that might just be me). I think everyone has seen some reward from implementation but I haven't explicitly asked.  I will do so this afternoon.