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Reply to Values In Holacracy

By davidlp Topic posted 02/08/2019

What Mal said Chris! That was super helpful.

I really like this concept of behavioural agreement. It's clear and specific and easy to communicate. I suspect that when it's first introduced some people might find it way too specific for comfort! 

It still seems important to have a value set on which some of those behavioural agreements might be based. For example we tend to recruit based more on our sense of people's values and qualities than we do based on their specific skillset. Of course that process is unavoidably imperfect but on balance it has meant that we have a team whom are reasonably well aligned when compared with other places I have known that recruited with a focus on skillsets perhaps because as an organisation they may not even have a strong set of shared values.

Also values can often be moving and inspirational whereas as behavioural agreements most probably are not. Inspiration can move mountains!

Has Holacracy One done work on values and if so how did that happen?