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Such a relatable tension! At Springest I have also had a similar tension. Some 'Rules' (like how to request or process vacation days) are important to apply for every employee, but how do you process this into Holacracy?

The way I solved my tension at the time was by proposing a 'Springeteer' role in the GCC. It's basically a 'team member' role that everyone in the company holds (and is non-core). 

Some accountabilities of this role involve:

  • Adhering to the Springest sickness policy (*link to internal helpdesk article about sickness policy*) and updating Arbo-role on absenteeism before 09.30 daily.
  • Sharing in Slack when you are late or away
  • Reviewing GTD every week
  • Adhering to Communication Rules of Engagement: *link to internal helpdesk article about RoE*
  • Cleaning your desk and cleaning up after yourself in general (also clean up after guests)

So everyone in the company holds this role and is therefore accountable to adhere to certain 'rules of engagement'. The communication RoE includes rules about tone of voice for example (which you mentioned something about too) 

In turn there are roles that have an accountability to write and update these Rules of Engagement (e.g. arbo-role being accountable for writing the sickness policy, etc). 

Don't know if it's the prettiest solution, but it helped in our case! Wanted to share just as an example of how we dealt with it

Very curious to hear about other solutions. Do keep us updated about how you'll process your tension! Interesting topic.

- Anne Nynke