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We are going through accreditation right now for the college program that serves our incarceration-involved neighbors. A good example of a role emphasis for us right now is in the role that explains our strategic planning process yo the accreditation team. The role is responsible for drafting answers to questions in the accreditation application. One person fulfills the emphasis for representation of holacratic principles, another fulfills the emphasis of "translating" those principles for the uninitiated pyramid-minded vantage of the accreditors, another edits to smooth out grammatical issues. Because the role deals with a tight series of questions, and because a great deal of collaboration is involved, and to help differentiate the work without complicating the organization into an extra twelve or thirteen subcircles that will quickly fulfill their initial purpose and then devolve back into simple roles, we opted to keep the structure small using emphases instead of multiplying circles and roles...which we could have easily done, if we thought it would serve our needs better.