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Reply to Holacracy and profit?

By Andy Brandt Topic posted 01/08/2019

I was thinking about introducing two amendments (to 4.1):

- making it explicit that Ratifiers can select/change the Anchor Circle LL,

- creating special policies that I would call Core Policies for lack of a better name that come from the Ratifiers and can be changed by them. Something like this:

Amendment 2: Core Policies
The Core Policies are Policies that apply to the whole Organization. The Ratifiers can at any time add, amend or remove Core Policies. No Circle or Role can change, repeal or act against those Core Policies.
Upon change to Core Policies all Policies in the Organization must be changed to align with the new Core Policies. This is done through the normal governance proces of the Anchor Circle and its sub-circles. The Lead Link of each Circle has a duty to bring the discrepancy between Circle's Policies and the Core Policies as a Tension to be resolved in the next Governance Meeting.
The Core Policies are kept in the governance records of the Anchor Circle and if doubts arise as to their meaning are interpreted by the Anchor Circle's Secretary.

[those are just ideas at this stage]